GPS Navigation:      Picture2

Navigation Software Works on :

  • Pocket PC
  • Symbian
  • Windows CE

Basic Features include:

  • Cruise Navigation.
  • Search and Queries.
  • Routing.
  • Voice Guidance.
  • Adding User Points.
  • Support Over 20 Languages.
  • Ability to call the POIs.

Why Orion ME?  Picture3

  • 5 Years experience in Navigational GIS applications.
  • Presence in 13 countries.
  • Knowledge of local markets and cultures along with solid network of contacts.
  • Partnerships with global industry leaders.
  • Highly professional GIS team and state of the art surveying equipment.
  • Growing list of local and global clients.

Fleets of vehicle, Individuals and Assets. Tracking and Management:

A web based tracking/locating application, That provides the end user with:

  • Simple, and easy-to-use GUI.                                                           
  • Internet based, so no extra software is required.
  • Fast and Clear Map rendering even on low bandwidth Internet access.
  • Full Map Information with thousands of Points of Interest.
  • Animated zooms & pans.
  • Routing Information.
  • Unlimited number of tracked Objects.
  • Secure multi-user access.
  • 3D view.

Based on MapTp Technology that provides:

  •  Vector compresion factor.
  •  Fast Server response time (measured in milliseconds) .
  •  Unlimited in map size (continental maps on street level). 
  •  Very low bandwidth requirements (even mobile access works great). 
  •  Low client resources (even thin clients like Phones & PDAs).

ISO 20001, ISO 27001:

•Governance Service Delivery (GSD)

•Corporate Performance Excellence (CPE):

  • Human Capital Gain (HCG)
  • Standards Validation Services (SVS)
  • Compliance Validation Services (CVS) – ISO20000 , ISO7000, PCI-DSS


Dell/IBM/HP/Sun/Cisco/3Com/SMC/DLink/Apple (MAC).


Web Hosting:

Domain Registration.

Email and website hosting with E-Commerce.

Database and Multimedia.

Information Security Products:

SSLs – Digital Identity – Smart Cards & Tokens – Automatic Digital Signature Machine (ADSM) – Firewall/IDS/IDS – Antivirus.

Software Tools and Applications:

Systems virtualization and backup products.

Data Quality and Certification tools.

Budget web application.

Intranet web application.

Sales/Marketing web application.