Our Services:

• Consultation
• Field surveying
• GIS and Web Applications
• Satellite images and Image processing.
• Training services.

Why we are different:

• Our staff are highly qualified.
• We provide solutions related to GIS, image processing and Field surveying.
• We provide reliable customer support and documentation for our products.
• We provide products and applications  in both     English and Arabic language as well.
• We can provide the source code and sufficient documentation for the solution to guarantee the application stability and extensibility.
• We adapt our products to fit your needs and to fit systems which are already implemented in your solutions.

Image Processing and Remote Sensing Applications:

• Image Enhancement , Georeferencing , Mosaicking and Image Maps
• Classification (Land cover and Land use)
• Triangulation and Block adjustment
• Ortho rectification
• Fly through and  Change detection
• Image Analysis